When we receive a localization project, we first determine the most effective way to complete it. We do this by focusing on how the client works, how the process works, and what we can add to improve the overall process while supplying a final result that is cost-effective and quick to market. Our flexible approach—coupled with our knowledge of technology and team of experienced specialists—allows us to supply this while continuing to offer high-quality services.

With AD-COM, your project will receive the benefits of flexibility, project management, AccMate©, and the best people and technologies in the field.


We pride ourselves on a client relationship built on flexibility. Our approach is to work with you to better handle your needs. We listen to you and provide solutions that serve your needs today while anticipating your future needs.

Our service grows according to your business objectives, your priorities, your constraints, as well as with the results that you want to attain.

  • Do you need a translation/localization department but aren't ready to hire and train a full-time staff? AD-COM can become your translation department, allowing you to profit from the experience of our team of professional translators and editors (all experts in their specialized field).

  • Do you have an internal translation department that is overwhelmed by a sudden surge in demand or that is working to extremely tight deadlines? AD-COM can become an extension of that department to complement its services while ensuring the transfer of knowledge. This approach and its inherent knowledge exchange often serves to stimulate innovation within the existing in-house team.
Our Dynamic Team Management (DTM) approach offers you the equivalent of a dedicated full-time staff of translators, project managers, developers, and designers, but limits the cost only to those services actually being performed at any given time. DTM offers the ability to rapidly expand and contract in size, as well as shift priorities, in response to the client's changing needs.

The technology used in a particular project is always dictated by the client, therefore, we adapt our process. We are flexible enough to modify our work and methodology to integrate our client's work and processes.

Quality, time-to-market and cost-efficiency are the three aspects which clients normally stress. AD-COM always strives to balance the three. The key is that we do all the work on YOUR terms. You decide what the most important factor is.


Our client-focused approach means that when we build your team, that is exactly what we mean-it is YOUR team. Your team will be composed of all the skill sets and experience you require in order to get started; the only shared resources are those that are only needed occasionally.

Project managers are key resources in any localization project. They serve as the central point of communication for people involved in a localization project. Projects are assigned to dedicated project managers who oversee each step of the process through the use of our proprietary project management tool, AccMate©.

Our senior project leaders become familiar with the technological and commercial environment of your company, thus ensuring that you receive high-quality service with solid added value.


AccMate is a unique and innovative workflow control software system that supports and facilitates multilingual projects. It was developed as a result of the needs of AD-COM's multilingual activities and reflects years of experience in managing multilingual translation and software localization projects. On the client's side, AccMate ensures total transparency and reduces management time and costs.

We invested and implemented our own project management tool because we found nothing that met the needs of the localization industry. AccMate was created so that each project member-project manager, engineer, DTP specialist or translator–knows what is happening, where their contribution fits in, and where the overall project stands. AccMate’s central database displays workflow through an Intranet-based interface.

AccMate’s information sharing capability allows our project managers to communicate updates and status reports to the client, as well as answer any project question.


AD-COM prides itself on its people and its technical solutions to client needs. We have assembled a uniquely skilled, self-motivated, creative group supported by an excellent management team. We know what to expect and how to overcome barriers to create a fast, seamless path from concept to market.

We use technology, combined with flexibility and insight, to improve the content creation and management process. We understand that each client's needs are different and take every aspect of the client's environment into account from production procedures to the social and political relationships in the company. We talk, listen, and learn. It is only then that we adapt our services to fit the client best.

We believe that keeping up with current technology and current theory is critical-AD-COM continually invests in educating its employees with the latest workshops and courses available. Additionally, we have an active membership in the following linguistic and technical organizations: LISA, AILIA, and STC.

In order to offer the best service possible, we use and study the industry's leading tools. Our investment in computer assisted translation tools, glossaries, software and training is demonstrated daily in the range of consulting, localization and translation services we offer.

In short, we are proud to offer our clients the best people and the best technology to ensure that their valuable corporate assets get the treatment they deserve.

Superior service
based on:
> Innovative development methods used above and beyond industry standards

> Strong project management and client accountability

> Highly-skilled personnel

> Low staff turnover giving clients stability and continuity

> Deliverables produced on time and within budget
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