The language specialists at AD-COM write, edit, adapt and translate material for a wide variety of industries. Our clients are companies that demand quality documentation in order to make their products marketable, but do not necessarily have the resources to support a full-time content creation staff.

We provide high-quality, technical authoring and illustration services in a broad range of fields, including computer software and hardware, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, aerospace and automotive industries. Content is created in whatever medium you need, and is targeted to whatever audience you choose-end users, developers, engineers or customers.

Together with your experts, AD-COM's team will assess your target audience and the nature of the documentation you need. Our method involves understanding your target audience BEFORE writing begins. We research and create content that is appropriate for the chosen audience, then create client-approved style guides and glossaries to ensure the highest quality result. Finally, we verify and approve the content, and format it into the chosen layout.

Every project is checked for errors, omissions, cross-referencing, consistency and ease of understanding. Your source material will undergo thorough proofing, editing, quality assurance and translation-enabling the successful communication of your message to your target audience.

Our content creation services include:

  • Creative Writing
    Copy for advertising, marketing and public relations materials, including brochures, point-of-sale materials, catalogs, presentations, and Web sites.

  • Technical Writing
    Technical writing including instruction sheets, user manuals, online help, data sheets, proposal writing, white papers and annual reports.

  • Copy Editing and Proofreading
    Copy editing and proofreading existing documents, including checking for consistency, spelling and grammatical errors, and clarity in the content.

  • Illustration
    Creative & technical, medical, Web, patent & trademark drawings, annual reports and presentations.

Not only do we create content designed specifically to your needs, but we handle your project from beginning to end. In addition to producing the text, we can develop the cover design, the glossary, the index, or create illustrations and photographs that will make the content more user-friendly.

The publishing specialists at AD-COM are expert users of all the popular desktop publishing packages, including FrameMaker, QuarkXPress and PageMaker. They are also comfortable with a variety of SGML editors, HTML, and XML authoring tools, graphics programs and CAD/CAM applications. Our teams have the expertise to produce online help systems and documents, CD-ROMs and Web pages, user and service manuals, technical documentation, marketing material, and more.

Clear communications can save your business time and money. Whatever your needs, AD-COM will supply you with the clear, concise content that your project demands.

  Communications are valuable corporate assets. Whether it is documentation for a new product or consumer-friendly information for your Web site, your communications should always be as clear and effective as possible. AD-COM offers end-to-end services that blend seamlessly with your production schedules and accurately communicate your message in the way that you intend.  
  Our goal is to deliver the most effective solution to your needs: content that accurately reflects the tastes and demands of any target market-on time and on budget.  
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