Localization is the process of adapting content and applications to specific languages, local markets and cultures. Although translation is an integral part of the process, the focus is on the cultural nuances, conventions and style of the target audience.

A localization project can include the translation of all user interface strings, help files, tutorials, packaging, CD labels, read-me files, the user manual, licence agreement and product Web site.

AD-COM specializes in helping content publishers increase their audience by supporting them in the cost-effective creation of their local market content - helping them translate and adapt their content to reflect the needs of multiple foreign markets - helping them to localize their message. Our in-house methods ensure consistency, quality, and cost-efficiency. Our skills include double-byte enabling and the creation of simultaneous multilingual versions.

AD-COM provides the perfect combination of experience and tools to ensure that your localization effort is time and cost-effective. We customize our localization approach to fit your budget and scheduling requirements.

How We Do It

Localization requires technical knowledge beyond translating content. While it is good to ensure that your translator is an expert in the language you require, correct Web page localization, for example, requires an in-depth knowledge of HTML coding, character sets, and how your translated Web pages will be displayed on different user platforms.

For each language, we assemble a team of linguists who will translate, edit and test all the components of the software to be localized. AD-COM's specialists are creative and well versed in their respective fields. We can custom-tailor your material to the specific cultural contexts your business may encounter.

Our highly-qualified teams of localization engineers will help you:

  • build terminology banks and translation memory databases
  • adapt your documents or software to accommodate local standards
  • customize applications and develop localization tools (SGML, XML, single or
    multi-channel publishing, conversion methodologies, etc.)
  • prepare, interpret or translate legal and technical documents for specific international target markets
  • develop tools to localize specific hardware and provide you with double-byte enabling
Our Quality Assurance process includes Localization Testing and Delivery Testing. These insure that you receive the highest quality return on your localization investment.

LOCALIZATION TESTING (a brief listing of some the items involved)
  • Has all the text been translated?
  • Have all the accented characters been handled properly?
  • Have all the punctuation rules of the target language been respected?
  • Have all the target requirements for word wrap, hyphenation, and sorting been respected?
  • Are there no truncations in the dialogs?
  • Are the terminology and usage consistent throughout the target?
  • Have all the icons, graphics or sounds been properly adjusted?
  • Are all concatenated strings displayed properly?
  • Are strings with variables displaying properly?
  • Have all leading and trailing spaces been deleted?
DELIVERY TESTING (items that ensure deliverables are supplied according to specifications)
  • Are all files in the specified formats and on the specified media?
  • Are the folders and files correct in number and location?
  • Have the installer and uninstaller been localized and tested?
  • Are all the files and components the correct and latest versions?
  • Have all files been properly scanned for viruses?
Who Does It

AD-COM's mission is to provide reliable services in the languages you need. Our teams of localization experts include German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Korean specialists. We also offer services in other languages upon request.

The accurate translation of content demands the efforts of experts with appropriate linguistic and subject matter knowledge. Our international production facilities and teams work together to provide a single-source solution to meet your localization needs.

Our teams include Project Managers, Translators, Localization Translators, Terminologists, Internationalization/Localization Engineers (Software), Proofreaders, QA Specialists, Testing Engineers and Multilingual Desktop Publishing Specialists. To preserve the integrity of all your documents, AD-COM ensures that only native speakers with the appropriate background and education are assigned to your project.


Your content needs to be produced specifically to meet the needs of your foreign market consumers. In many cases, the information developed for the domestic market will need to be re-worked for a global audience.
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